Indigenous Peoples First

A Collaboration of Indigenous Leaders, Canadian and Icelandic entrepreneurs
for Safe Drinking Water

ICEland Blue
Indigenous Connect

Iceland Blue was formed to support Indigenous communities across the country with opportunities to access the world's best source of quality water from Iceland.

The following list of private group of companies run and operate collectively as Iceland Blue.

Each organization has deep experience, and knowledge in their respective feilds, compliementing efforts for Indigenous Canada. To learn more about each company, click on 'Learn More' to be taken to their website.

Our combined efforts provide access to many water solutions sourced from Iceland. We help support logistics into Canada, establishing collaborative Indigenous partnerships, and help foster sutainable opportunities for Indigenous ownership, employment and the management of water supply and distribution.

  • Supporting individual First Nation citizens while creating a united voice for all.

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  • Supporting all individuals in gaining access to education and our rights to basic human needs.

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  • Supporting all individuals in gaining access to quality pure water and other products from Iceland.

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  • BulkAqua’s mission is to expand into large bulk shipments in tankers

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Looking for the best Water results?

ICEland blue is the right choice for indigenous water solutions


Time is of the essence and entrepreneurs working together, can help make the change needed to support Indigenous Canadians.


We are led by a group of experts across many industries. We are always looking for anyone willing to support Indigenous Canada.

DOing whats right

Water is every human's basic rights. We need to all come together to help ensure everyone has access to the clean, drinking water.

Indigenous First

Equal owners include Canadian Indigenous leaders. Iceland Blue is focused on Indigenous Canada and creating long-term solutions.

for Indigenous Peoples across Canada
Lets all work together!