Value Added Partner Program

Indigenous entrepreneurs looking to own their own water business?


Iceland Blue's Value Added Partner Program (VAPP) is when an Indigenous individual joins our efforts by working within their communities to help support water solutions. Our goal with our VAPP is to help create employment through providing the resources and tools creating local business owners. The Indigneous Entrepreneurs become their own boss with Iceland Blue as their backend support partners.

  • be your own boss
  • generate your own income
  • work within your own communities
  • be part of a solution that helps solve critical water issues

Structure of VAPP for Entrepreneurs:

  • Access to online and printed brochure materials.
  • Access to order management system.
  • Supply of water Inventory for local distribution.
  • Discounted pricing so you make money on each unit.

Benefit to Communities:

  • Less expensive then retail options
  • Support local entrepreneurship
  • Best quality water


Iceland Blue will provide our partners with all the resources they required to not only develop their skills, but also to run their own business.

Learning Resources Included:

  • Annual subscription to 1,000s of online courses.
  • Skills development program.
  • Leadership development program.
  • Financial management program.

Marketing Materials:

  • Social media marketing assets.
  • Brochures and pricing.

Customized Website:

  • You and your community brand.
  • Product support and customer service connections.
  • Online water purchasing.
for Indigenous Peoples across Canada
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