Central Distribution

Indigenous Opportunity

Opportunity for Indigenous Owned Central distribution

Iceland Blue in partnership with Indigenous leaders and entrepreneurs provide the opportunity for an Indigenous owned and operated Central Distribution center. To help support smaller communities with reduced shipping costs as well as establish water self-governance, Iceland Blue will support the set-up of an Indigenous infrastructure and logistics for a Central Distribution model.


Iceland Blue provides both in person and online (self-paced and instructor-led) training to help support all persons that would be part of the Indigenous organization supporting the Central Distribution logistic management. The training would go beyond system management and leveraging Skills Council of Canada's library of 1,000s of courses, the opportunity for skills development will be available.

CEntral Distribution Ownership

  • Control your inventory qualities and distribution.
  • Opportunity for 'Just-in-Time' production.
  • Create employment opportunities for all communities to be serviced.
  • Create employment in administration, assembling, warehousing...etc.
  • Opportunty to create a profitable local to national business.
  • Support all Indigenous communities through your network.
  • Increase margins with bulk water shipping.
  • Reduce costs significantly.
  • Control the distribution and managment of the water supply.
  • Create long term business opportunity for your communities.
  • Create employment opportunities for all communities to be serviced
for Indigenous Peoples across Canada
Lets all work together!