Our Team

A collaboration of Canadian and Icelanic Entreprenuers for Indigenous water

OUr team is diverse, passionate and dedicated

Iceland blue leaders are with, and for indigenous peoples

First Nation, Inuit, and Innu
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Icelandic water Supply

Meet the Iceland Blue leadership

Our team is a collaboration of leaders from many organizations and walks for life.

Galen Augustine

Gitpo Spirit Lodge,
Director of Operations

Galen is Mi’kmaq from the Province of New Brunswick, working within the Eel Ground First Nation Communities, supporting Wellness, culture leadership and more.

Jon Steinsson

Icelandia ehf,

Jon Steinsson is a serial entrepreneur who has developed Icelandic waterbrands for over 30 years for distribution in Canada, the USA and the EU.

Birgir Vidar Birgisson

Icelandia ehf,
Operations Manager

Birgisson is a manufacturer technician in Iceland specialized in Premium Spring Water delivered of bulk flexitank and bag-in-box.

Torsten Kowitz

Icelandia, Germany
Managing Director

He was one of the first who used flexitanks for worldwide liquid-food transportation, especially from China to Europe and will be supporting logistics to Canada.

for Indigenous Peoples across Canada
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